The word “unique” is tossed around a lot when describing furniture, but in the end, many of the most popular designs are pretty basic. The Design Institute of America (aka DIA) has been breaking the design mold for over 40 years, and the Tasco Console by Louis A. Lara is a prime example.

Consoles in general often go unnoticed. It may be one of the most taken-for-granted furniture pieces around — a place to put a lamp, leave your keys when you walk in the front door, a side surface in the living room. While consoles might be minimalist or highly decorative, the Tasco Console for DIA is a true work of art, a functional sculpture for your home. For his first collaboration with DIA, Lara combined steel, glass and resin to create a truly striking cantilevered design that appears to defy gravity, side legs replaced with an off-center base that balances the sleek wedge steel tabletop.

The unusual design has been a hit for DIA, receiving one of the most enthusiastic product intros since the company began in 1971. The key to creating something as groundbreaking as the Tasco was the freedom of expression DIA encouraged in its collaboration with Lara, as well as an execution that highlights quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

If there’s one thing for sure, the Tasco Console won’t disappear into your foyer or living room decor — it will be a focal point. And why shouldn’t it be? Consoles have been created as works of art since at least the 17th Century, when Italian furniture was meticulously carved and sculptural consoles were commonly topped with marble. This piece brings that tradition to contemporary product design, utilizing bold shapes and clean lines instead of decorative carving. Place it in your front hall, and not only will you set a modern, eclectic tone, you’ll get conversations starting the minute guests walk in your door.

The Tasco Console comes in two equally eye-catching styles: Choose from a black onyx finish base with a brushed stainless steel wedge top with inset glass, or a cast ebonite base with a polished stainless steel wedge top with inset mirror.  For more designs from DIA, including Lara’s Sesa Dining Table, go to


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