It’s an amazing moment when your boyfriend proposes to you and you get engaged. Suddenly he has become your fiancé, and your future husband. You’ve ended up with a beautiful ring on your finger, but other than your words, you have no way of showing your betrothed how much he means to you too. That’s why there is a rise in the popularity of engagement presents from woman to man; it’s not just people buying for you as a couple anymore.

Finding the right gift will be at the top of your agenda, as you want to find something meaningful that will last a lifetime or create wonderful memories that have the same effect. To get you started, here are a number of gift ideas that fit into that category:

Engraved pen

Pens are a very traditional present, but there is no reason why a modern man can’t appreciate one of these too. If you have a look in upmarket department stores, you should find a counter where you can have a look at all of the different varieties. The reasons they vary in price include the materials they are made out of, the exclusivity of that model, as well as the brand. For a personal touch, you could have both of your names engraved on the pen before you wrap it up.

Luxury watch

You have your ring, so give your fiancé a piece of jewellery that he’ll love just as much. There are some beautiful luxury watches that would work well; think about the designers and metals that you’re most interested in and then search for these. Whether a Rolex or an Omega; there are some dazzling items on sale at the moment.

Weekend escape

If you would prefer to get away to spend some quality time together, why not book a surprise weekend away? You could stay in the UK and explore Edinburgh, or head to Paris for a stroll next to the Eiffel Tower. Budget enough for travel, accommodation and activities and you’ll be ready to go. Your fiancé will be thrilled!

Romantic meal

When you’re on a limited budget, it might be a better idea to stay local to where you live. Despite this, you can still have a wonderful time celebrating your engagement to one another. Book a table at a nearby restaurant with excellent reviews so you can sit down to a delicious meal. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve chosen Thai, Italian or British cuisine, you just want to choose somewhere with great service and atmosphere.

Other gestures

If you are looking to do something that is more personal to your loved ones hobbies, you’ll have to have a good and proper think about what you could do or buy. Thrill seekers may appreciate vouchers to a high-ropes course, and sports enthusiasts may be thrilled with tickets to a football game. You could even stick with something very simple such as buying a new game for his beloved console or cooking him his favourite meal at home!



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