You only have one set of eyes, so you need to care for them throughout your lifetime if you want to preserve your vision. Most people can’t imagine what it would be like to lose even part of their vision. If you already function with reduced vision by wearing glasses or contact lenses, making a mistake with your contact lenses can cause further damage to your eyesight, so it’s particularly important to be careful! Contact lenses can be dangerous when used improperly. Here are some tips to ensure you take proper care of your eyes while you wear contact lenses.

Never sleep in your contact lenses.

Unless your doctor has told you that it is all right to sleep in your contact lenses, never go to sleep with them in. Certain long-term contact lenses can be worn in your sleep for up to a month, but they are the exception rather than the norm. Even with these lenses, not removing and cleaning them can cause particles to become trapped and damage your eyes by scratching them or accumulating debris. If you haven’t been told that it is all right to sleep in your contacts, don’t do it.

Clean your lenses regularly.

When you first received your contact lenses, you were probably told how to care for them. Make sure you adhere to these care instructions, which might include cleaning or storing them in a particular type of solution. Some solutions (hydrogen peroxide-based solutions in particular) can be harmful to your eyes if they get into your eyes and need to dry fully before you put the lenses in.

Replace lenses when instructed to do so.

If you have lenses that last for a particular length of time such as three or six months, make sure you replace them when you are instructed to do so. You can use online shops like to order these lenses, especially if you keep your prescription on file and enter the numbers when shopping. You can try different types of lenses such as rigid gas permeable lenses or daily disposable lenses, but make sure your prescription is for that type of lens.

Keep your eyes moist throughout the day.

It’s worth carrying a bottle of eye drops with you if you find that your eyes dry out easily. Keeping your eyes moist helps them defend you against stray dust, particles, and bits that get in your eyes. Moist eyes can easily cry the particles out by involuntarily tearing up and removing the particles, but if your eyes are dry, they can be scratched and your lenses can hurt your eyes.

Taking care of your eye health is important no matter who you are, but if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is even more important. Many contact lens wearers neglect their health and find that they get eye infections, while some even permanently damage their eyesight because they didn’t follow their doctor’s instructions. If you want to keep your eyesight, pay attention to everything your doctor tells you and take care of your lenses by cleaning them regularly.



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