We all love it when Glastonbury rolls around but for many of us, knowing what to wear to look great but still be practical if it starts to rain is hard work. How do you know what the weather will be doing? What happens if they promise sunshine but it starts raining? The best way to prepare for Glastonbury is to make sure you have the right footwear if it does get muddy, as there is nothing worse than getting damp, dirty and wet feet.

Wellies are the most popular type of footwear to wear to Glastonbury and you can buy lightweight wellies designed for the summer that are perfect for wearing to a festival. These ladies wellies will help you look great at Glastonbury this year and wellies don’t have to be big and bulky, and they can actually work really well with a pretty summer dress or casual jeans.

A Choice of Styles

Long gone are the days when wellies are dark green and slack, and you can now choose between a wide range of different styles, including the following:

  • Garden shoes, ankle wellies or knee high boots
  • Floral prints
  • Funky designs, such as army camouflage
  • Bright colours, such as pink and yellow
  • Decorated with ribbons
  • Striped patterns

You can also choose wellies with different depths of tread, to find a pair that will work well with your outfits. Modern ladies wellies are similar to a pair of boots and can be worn to accessorise an outfit rather than hinder the look. You can go for shoes, ankle boots or knee high wellies depending on what clothes you want to wear and also on how muddy and wet it is likely to be.

Matching Wellies with an Outfit

Make sure your wellies work well with your clothes by taking everything from the pattern and the colours to the height and design into consideration.

For example, think about the following:

  • If you plan on wearing shorts and a t-shirt, any style of boots will work well from knee high wellies to ankle wellies
  • For those of you who want to wear jeans, you will need to protect the bottom of your trousers so go with higher wellies
  • If you want to wear a pretty summer dress with a floral design, look for wellies with a similar pattern and colour scheme

Wellies can be looked at in exactly the same way that you would look at other types of shoes and boots when it comes to matching them with your outfits. Choose wellies that are fun if you have a unique sense of fashion such as rainbow patterned boots and if you are more conservative, choose a plain colour.

Looking awesome at Glastonbury this year is easier than you might think and there’s no need to worry about what the weatherman says, as long as you pack a pair of summer wellies so that you can dance in the rain if you have to.


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