Being stressed out isn’t fun for you or for the people around you. While it is normal to feel stressed about work and other things of general importance, remember that it is equally important to lay back and relax. A stress free life is a healthy life. Here are a few ways that’ll help you distress.

Talk about it: Dealing with stress alone is hard. It is always better to have someone you can talk to. Take some time out every day to talk to people you love. If you are stressed out, talking will only help you realize why certain things bother you. Also, sharing your problems could help you find a solution to them. If you aren’t that great at socializing, you could write a journal or blog about your issues. This will help you get it all out in the open. You will find yourself less burdened by your problems.

Make your life simpler: Forget about sorting out the bigger issues. Try starting out small. Look at the trivial issues at hand and try solving those. Just the feeling of having one little segment of your life sorted out could help you cope with stress. You could do something as simple as cleaning your closet or donating your old clothes to relax. When stress gets the better of you, these small things can really make a difference. Plus focusing on other things can really help you get your mind off of things that are bothering you.

Put your foot down: Most people stress themselves out by taking up too much responsibility. No, being assertive doesn’t make you rude. It just makes you independent and free spirited. Learn to say no to people. You can’t do everything on your own. Let people know that one person can only do so much. Work on a schedule where important tasks are given more priority than the others. If you think that an assigned task is taking a toll on you, then don’t do it. It is better to do something you can perfect rather than something you’re unsure of.

Exercise: Any kind of physical exercise could help you distress. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. No matter how busy you get, make sure you spare some time to exercise. Physical exercises will help you forget about your problems because your mind starts to focus on your body movements. You could join a gym, a dance class, a music class or learn new things like yoga or aerobics. Exercising can make you look better and feel stronger both physically and mentally.

Bring home a furry friend: Imagine coming home to a sweet little ball of fur. Pets can bring a smile on your face and help you cope with stress almost immediately. Little things like taking your dog out for a walk or playing fetch with him can ease your mind and make you forget about all your problems. Watching your pet do their thing can immediately soothe your mind and relieve you from anxiety and mental stress.

If you still can’t get yourself to relax, go for an impromptu vacation. Don’t let stress cloud your thoughts anymore.



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