When creating a site for an e-store the main thing is to understand the needs of your potential customers. Usability is a key factor that determines the popularity of an online resource. Even the website design is of secondary importance. It is even better for the e-store design to be simple and unobtrusive in order not to distract the user from the main goal, which consists in making a purchase. The online resource for e-commerce must be functional, so that any buyer, even new to the Internet could easily figure out how to use it. In case you use one of the e-commerce CMS, you can improve e-store functionality with the help of special modules and extensions. Remember, those people, who decide to make an online shopping, first of all want to save their valuable time. That is why the pages of an e-store must load very quickly and the website navigation must be user-friendly and effective. You also should not make your customers pass long and tedious registration. Statistics show that the need to register with the online store, forces 6 percent of users to abandon the intention to buy the product. So do not go too far with the registration form.

Any online store must include the showcase – that is, where the goods are offered for sale. It will be great in case the customers have an ability to zoom pictures that depict your production, consider them from different angles, compare products, sort and filter them by price and popularity. Many online store owners belief that all the buyers know exactly what they need. In fact, the experience shows that very few visitors of any store, have an idea of what product they really want to buy. That is why your main task is to encourage them to make a purchase. The buyer will definitely appreciate you advice that helped him make a choice. In order to encourage customers to make a purchase your site should have a section, which will feature the most popular products.

It is advisable to make a page on your website where the customer will be able to find the information about your store. There you should specify your contacts: email address, phone number, the actual address of the shop (if any). You can also place a photo next to contacts of your employees to make communication with the customer as close to the real one as possible. It is very useful to create a section where visitors can leave their comments about a particular product, as well as about online store as a whole.

It is very important to create a positive image of your store, show your customers that your production is one of the best on the e-commerce market. People are quite conservative by their nature, so they are reluctant to try something new if they are satisfied with the products, which they purchase in one store. So, your main goal is to attract them and keep them by any possible means, improving your e-store constantly in order to meet their requirements.


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