It happens to many; you get online to shop for one or two items and checkout with a cart hundreds of dollars more than what you intended. You can actually have an online shopping addiction, and this is something that does need to be put under control. The important thing is to realize the problem exists and then follow these tips to keep your online shopping habit under control.

  1. Block Online Shopping Sites

Once you’ve come to terms that you have an online shopping habit, block yourself from seeing the online ads by clearing your cache and cookies. Some web-filtering software and online programs allow you to pick a specific type of site you want to block and set a password to keep it locked. Have a friend set the password, so you are not tempted to unlock it yourself.

  1. Hit the Unsubscribe Button

You are surely set up for promotional emails through your favorite online stores. Go directly to the bottom of the email and hit the unsubscribe link. Make sure to read the page it takes you to in order to see if they have options. Some emails just unsubscribe you from one particular email, but leave flash sales, or other notifications enabled. Remember, out of sight, out of mind for most cases.

  1. Take the Shopping App’s Off Your Phone

Online shopping is not done primarily on laptops and desktops. Mobile apps have made it even easier to shop right from your phone. Shopping on your mobile device may be even easier due to clicking just a few buttons and all shipping and payment information being enabled. Simply delete these appsfrom your phone.

  1. Track All Purchases

For some addicted to shopping, all it takes is to look at one month’s worth of spending to nip things in the bud. Track your spending for one month via paper, spreadsheet, or a budgeting program and see how much unnecessary spending you’ve done. You’ll soon become a very conscious spender and break your habit soon.

  1. Pay the Bill Off

Do you have a credit card bill that hasn’t been paid off? If so, pay them off and marvel at the zero dollar balance. If you have a high-interest rate, consider taking out an alternative loan. Have a peek at these guys to see if you can find a better rate. That zero dollar balance will make you think twice before that final purchase.

  1. Don’t Store Your Credit Card Info

Don’t save your creditcard payment info in your shopping carts any longer. Delete them all out. This will force you to get up, walk to your wallet, and type all this information in. Wrap a piece of paper around all your credit cards and mark “Do I need this item” to give you something to think about on your way back.

Spending online is easier than browsing through the store andpurchasing. It’s convenient and flexible payment methods. However, by following the above tips, you can keep your online shopping habit under control.


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