Online shopping is a great way to save time and money. There are many websites offering great deals on clothes – designer and non-designer. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home but it isn’t hassle free! Before you start buying online, there are a few tips that you should follow. This will help you spend as little money as possible but get the best value.

1. Read the Returns Policy: Shopping for clothes causes a problem when trying them on. You have to wait for them to reach you before you start. It is really important to read the returns policy on the website first. This determines who pays for the returns and whose fault it is deemed as. You may find that you have to pay for the shipping costs or that you can return it to your nearest store for a refund.

The returns policy will also determine whether you can get a refund or exchange. This can depend on how you bought it (such as through a credit card or voucher) and the steps you will have to take to get that refund.

2.  Try the Clothes on In Store: If you have the opportunity, it is worth trying the clothes on in store first. This will help make sure you get the right size and that it looks right on you before buying. You may think that it is then better to buy there but hold on! You may find that there are better deals online. You can search for voucher codes and could get an online discount.

3.  Consider the Cost of Shipping: Online shopping does bring the extra cost of shipping. This is often very small and can be waivered for orders over a certain amount. Remember that the benefit of online shopping is that you are doing it from the comfort of your own home. You are avoiding the cost of petrol and parking and the time it takes to go around the store, wait in queues and deal with shop assistants.

Makes sure the cost of shipping is reasonable and check out the shipping costs for returning anything. This helps you make a decision that could save you a fortune in the future.

4. Search for Online Voucher Codes: Before you opt to pay, you will see that there is a space for an online voucher code. Don’t have one? It is time to start searching for one. There are plenty of websites offering discount codes and deals, such as save X amount when you spend Y or buy one get one free.

Use these voucher codes wisely. If they’re making you spend more to save a little, they’re not worth your time. If you have already spent the required amount, use the codes and pocket a little money.

Take the time to use the advantages of shopping online but definitely be prepared for the downsides. Use your brain and common sense before buying anything, by checking the returns policy and find ways to save more money.


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