Are you one who is going to attend a wedding party as one of the Groomsmen? In that note, you need something that will strike your attractive image all over. Do not forget that a cool gift idea would let you to be the most irresistible part of the wedding party. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab anyone of these before you go to attend the wedding party and play the role of a superb groomsman.

1. Custom Beer Mug

 Adding a bit Irish accent in the wedding party, the custom named beer mug is not a tough creative oddity to consider in the list of coolest gift ideas for groomsmen. The mug with broad base and thick handle is a perfect option for the gentlemen to reflect their manly personality as a kind groomsman. The cool US style beer mugs also come with option to personalize them with name carved on their surface. Those willing to buy the custom named beer mug will just have to pay a bit extra bugs to get their gift right in their hands. After all, it is all about the manly style of having the beer in large thick Irish mug with name printed on it.

2. Silver Plated Black Pocket Watch

What’s the time! This is a common conversation starter that can be easily seen in the wedding and pre wedding parties. To strike the answer with an authoritative attraction, the groomsman needs the silver plated black pocket watch. This conventional style pocket watch reflects the silver mirror finish on its back with ultra formal black color theme on its dial front. Not to forget the option of personalization with your name. Or, get your initials carved on its back to impose an eye-catching personality in the wedding parties. Even if you want to grab the attention of your friends, just take it out of your pocket and show your imperial personality to be eye catcher.

3. Engrave Travel Cigar Holder

Wedding without traveling seems to be incomplete. Similarly, the groomsman without the Engrave travel cigar case seems to be unattractive. The silver coated travel cigar holder has got stylish craved pattern that makes it look regal and causal at the same time. The holder has capacity to carry three cigars at a time. In fact, many of these have the lighter attached to it to make it look much more efficient and outstanding. Plus, the Cigar is something no man can refuse to accept the offer of, especially when it is the wedding time and pre wedding party is about to be over. For a few additional bucks, you can also get your name printed on the cigar case to reflect the authoritative presence as groomsman.

4. Bottle Opener Sun Glasses

Initiating the party just take a blast of champagne by the bottle opener! But, what if your funky sun glasses are your bottle opener? These sun glasses have got an eye catching theme that blends two elegant concepts into one. Many people prefer to have custom name on their sun glasses so as to reflect their true image of being a groomsman. Not all people realize the fact until they see it for themselves. Pretty cool gift for amazing eyes, isn’t? A major advantage is that you can carry them anywhere you go without letting anybody notice that you are carrying them. Not to forget that they are two in one sun glasses that is unique and stylish. Make your antique presence awesome with this special bottle opener sun glasses.

5. Personalized Wine Gift Box

 A groomsman with personalized wine gift box! Sound exciting, isn’t? This is one of the most striking gift ideas for wedding plans. It comes with wine colored box with gentle texture and cozy white color box with exact fitting box. The opening of the box is simple as conventional wine box. But, the value of this gift pack is enormous as it has got sleek bad royal style finishing touch along with casual writing on the box. The name on the box also reflects the supremacy of style and party flavor. This box can be ordered just a casual online item. Many stores give option to deliver it directly from the source to the wedding venue.

6. Cigar Case Cum Lighter 

What if you need to smoke in the mid of the party? Would you ask for the lighter to anybody else? This might ruin all the impression that you have made in party. Just get a Cigar case cum lighter. It comes with silver coating and custom name printing on it. It carries a room for a cigar along with stylish lighter. Those who do not like to be seen as jerk in the party asking for the lighter so that they can show off their fake personality choose to carry a stylish cigar case cum lighter. Also, it is available in the multi cigar case as well, capable of carrying two or three cigar at a time without comprising the quality of lighter.

7. Custom Beer Bottle 

The only thing that can really make an impression of the manly personality is the custom beer bottle with silver coating and the black color theme. This is something that every man would need in the wedding party. Interestingly, it can be filled with any type of wine or soft drink. It is perfect for those who are not wine addict but want to look manly in the wedding party. The bottle is curved to fit in the back pocket. On the other hand, it is sleek and elegant enough to fit in the hand, keeping the grip tight, even if it weighs a bit more.

These all cool gift ideas for groomsmen are perfect points of attraction for the pre wedding party or the bachelor party. In fact, these wedding gifts never demand much money in your pocket. Not only wills this, but it also take your image to the point where you can be the center of attraction for the entire wedding ceremony.



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