What Wireless Headphones are the Best for Watching a Film or TV

What Wireless Headphones are the Best for Watching a Film or TV

Today’s wireless headphones are amazing and something which people not that far back would have been surprised at seeing, never mind wearing! So, what can you do if you want to keep the volume right down on the big screen when watching something on it?

The reason may be because:

You want to make sure somebody can sleep

  • The neighbours might complain
  • There’s some type of local background sound which is annoying and upsetting your screen viewing
  • Or you just plain like to play it loud!

The Perfect Choice

To choose the perfect pair for your requirements, you will need to decide if you will always be using them when watching the screen, or whether you wish to move about and just listen to the audio.

  • You’ll also need to know the battery life and operating range on any pair which you are considering.

Two Types

The decision you will have to make when you wish to purchase online at the official JBL Australia site is whether to get RF headphones or IF headphones. Let’s take a look at both:


  • RF stands for “radio frequency’ meaning that the sound is transmitted via radio waves similar to those at a radio station or by a cordless phone.
  • The only disadvantage of RF headphones is receiving interference from any other electronic devices, as in cordless phones, wireless networking and even microwave ovens.
  • If you have these devices, it might be well worth looking out for headphones which allow you to adjust the signal’s frequency.


  • This stands for “infrared” and these transmit data in a beam of light which is picked up by a headphone receiver, but cannot be seen by your eyes.
  • IF works just like most remote controls.
  • The main advantage is that they provide improved sound as both the left and right channels don’t have to keep merging together and then separate again like the RF headphones do.
  • The only downer is they will only work if in the line of sight of the transmitter.
  • This is great if watching the screen, but is not that effective should you want to wander off out of the line of view of the transmitter.

Other Things to Think About

Consider the headphone’s battery life when choosing and if they have a short battery life, it may end up a little frustrating as it may well mean you will be routinely recharging.

  • See if the headphones can be charged while wearing them.

And if yes, make sure that the charging lead is long enough so that you can comfortably make use of the headphones while being plugged in and charging.

Signal Range

  • It’s also a good idea to check the headphones operating range, especially the RF model type.

Having access to a long operating range will give you the ability to move around without missing something on the screen!

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